Earlier this year I received a hefty new year’s gift from Sephora Middle east.
and honestly I never knew it would be the best new year’s gift a girl could ever have till I tried a week later and since then my heart grows fonder of it everyday.

I’ve received several items from Sephora but in this post I’ll be featuring 2 things that I believe are the answer to my prayers. Seriously!

First thing in this feature are Sephora’s Express nail polish removers and nail & cuticle care solution.

After the huge success sephora had accomplished back in 2013 when they first launched their Express nail polish remover. Now, they offer us a complete beautiful hands kit which will spare us the hassle of going through a beauty salon.
And it had indeed.. The last time I’ve visited the salon for a nail polish removal or application for that matter was January 3rd. Can you imagine? it’s really cool I say!

So the 3 products in this kit are (right to left)

1) The Instant nail polish remover for glitter, which is specially designed to declare war on glitters and nail patch glue.
I’ve tried it on several occasions and with different types of glitter nail polishes, this thing actually works and minimizes the time for me to remove glitter nail polish to 1 minute. YAS!!

2) Express nail polish remover for feet, This is a product all women should own specially if you’re someone like me who likes to wear nail polish on their toes but hates the hassle of removing it.
Sandal season is coming up and living in the middle east three quarters of the year’s weather requires us to wear them open toes! grab a bottle or two of this remover and you’re good to go.

3) Instant nail & cuticle care, this is a solution made entirely of beneficial oils and vitamins to treat and take care of your nails and the skin around it.
It is specially designed to hydrate and sooth the skin after removing your nail polish. It leaves my skin and nails super moisturized and soft to touch, specially after using the harsh nail polish removers.

Now, to the other thing I’ll be talking about in this post is, Formula X a vast nail polish collection with a perfect blend between innovation and creativity.

From this collection I have received a package of Formula X System Kit
which consists of a nail cleanser, a base coat and high gloss finish top coat.

The Nail Cleanser is essential to help remove any residue from the nails to ensure a smooth nail polish application. Cause there’s nothing worse than applying your nail polish and it patches up because of oil residue on your nails..

But if you ask me, it’s just fancy way to apply acetone which is often found in nail polish removers, so I don’t think it’s critical to buy this certain product you can always use your trusted nail polish removed for clensing.

However, The Base Coat is a favorite of mine from this package, cause it provides this thin layer of adhesive-like base which contributes to a long lasting wear of the polish. And it prevents highly pigmented polishes from staining the nails.

Last but not least, another favorite of mine The Top Coat. This high-gloss finish top coat is made to protect the nail polish and give it this dazzling shine we’re all after. And what I really like about it, is that it doesn’t shrink the nail polish even if you’ve used other nail polishes from different companies unlike most top coats out there.

With all off these products, I feel it’s much easier for me now to change my nail polish without hesitation and I have Sephora to thank for this.
Seriously! you guys should try these products and see for yourself.

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