Hello ladies!

I hope you’re all enjoying this glorious weather outside! With holiday season quickly approaching, I thought it’s the perfect time to pull out our cute little black dresses and refurbish them using scarves cause they provide us with warmth while looking timelessly glamorous.

For today’s project, you’ll need to get rid of all of your old-school ways of tying a scarf and lock them in a box far far away down your memory lane.
I’ve chose for this post couple of scarves and accessories from Promod – Bahrian. 
You seriously need to check them out!

Turbans are so in right now! And this my 
favorite way to create an interesting looking knot.

To achieve this look you will need a small square scarf. 
  • Fold two opposite angles in half creating a triangle.
  • Take the wider side of the triangle and start folding it towards the narrow angle.
  • Now you have a long strip, something that looks like a headband.
  • Wrap the headband around your head, with the loose ends facing forward.
  • Tie the ends into a knot, then tie another. Making the first one bigger.
  • Now wrap what is left of the scarf around the knots you have created.
  • When there is nothing left to wrap around, tie the ends together to secure everything and tuck it under your big knot.
  • layer your necklaces and wear a statement bracelet and you’re all set!

If you think it’s time for you to get rid off your black dress.. 
Stop Yourself Right Now! And purchase two new scarves instead.

To achieve this transformational look you will need two rectangular scarves and a belt.

  • Take one scarf and and fold it it half, then fold it in half again and do the same thing with the other scarf you have.
  • Now, tie both scarves together from one end, letting the other ends loose.
  • Put the scarves around your neck with knot on the back.
  • Now this where the belts comes in, wear your belt on your waist with both ends of the scarves are on the inside. (see last picture)
  • Take one scarf and throw it on the opposite shoulder and bring it down to your other shoulder. Do the same thing with the other scarf.
  • Tuck in the ends on the inside, and voila! you’ve got your self a new draped top.

Winter holidays are always the perfect time for you to wear fur! right? right?
fur and red lipstick always add instant glamour to any dress.

To achieve this super easy but chic look all you need is two fur scarves and a sparkly belt. Here, I’ve chosen two fur scarves in two neutral colors to complement each other
  • Throw one scarf over your shoulder and insert the other into the first one’s slit.
  • Adjust the length of both scarves.
  • hold everything together with your belt.

I know I asked you at the beginning of this post to shut down all of the classic methods there are for wearing a scarf, but I couldn’t help myself but to share with you this super easy way to wear a scarf any day of the week.

Alright, ladies, there you have it; how to creatively tie a scarf.. Well 6 in our case.

Thank you for checking on Arabbella, hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you all.
I would love to know which look was your favorite and how would you wear any of them differently.

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