Looking around at all of those glittery sneakers, the ones with the white souls, metallic lacing, I’ve always been fond of them but never could I find the perfect pair.

So one day, (Well…10 hours before my current summer vacation) I decided that it was time for me to get them!  So I dug up a pair of old sneakers I had, a hefty bottle of Mod Podge, and a bottle of silver glitter to cover them… (Picking out one of those items turned up to be a BIG MISTAKE, read along & you’ll find out why)

Here’s what I started with, the materials, the podge, etc. & here’s what was left and the final result

I started with the a pair of beaten up, but OH SO handy sneakers (The reason I tried this tutorial on this pair, is because they were on their way to the trash bin while spring cleaning my closet; but thought I’d keep them for a refurbishing bonanza)

I used masking tape in-order to protect the parts I wanted to keep clean.

I then poured a good a mount of Mod Podge in a disposable container and mixed with my glitter using a sponge brush. 
I found out later that I should have used a super fine glitter cause it’s almost like dust and applies easily without any clumping.

.. But in the turn of events, my shoes turned out looking decent, not FAB but decent. (Oops)

After that, I started applying the mix onto my shoes, allowing it to dry between every layer. Here’s a tip, layering the mix will give an opaque finish.  

I then left it to dry over night, and Voila! I got myself a sparkly pair of sneakers.

So what do you guys think? Would you get your own shimmering shoes and click them to go home? Mark the Oz reference let me know by commenting below.

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