“Fashion is no longer a commandment, it’s a collaboration.” That’s what Aldo stated on their website about their RISE program.
A program which, Aldo supports and celebrates daring talents in the fashion community. Both emerging and established fashion designers collaborate with ALDO on seasonal collections, benefiting from the company’s knowledge in footwear design and production.

I personally didn’t know about this initiative until I cam across this beautiful pair, fell head over heels over these and knew that they had to come home with me.I did my research about RISE and ALDO, only to find out that the entire SS14 collection was designed by Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason owners of london based label OSTWALD HELGASON. 

ALDO also mentioned something about a FW14 collection, and it’s going to be pretty good. I’m so glad to stumble upon these babies and got the chance to snatch them before they ran out, as the collection is selling out all over the world.

I paired my white mesh heels with an all with a white flared skirt and a white top and went minimal on accessories.  All I wanted for the shoes is to be the centre of attention!

So, what do you all think of this pair and this collaboration? was it a hit or a miss?
Find out more about this collaboration [click here]

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