Tilly’s Closet bloggers event

So on Saturday April 19th we were delightedly invited to Tilly’s closet – a footwear boutique that could only be described as a hidden jewel- to view a new collection of footwear and for afternoon tea with Miss Sophia Jawad founder and brand representative for Schutz Bahrain.

Typically of me I have arrived a half an hour later than I have promised (not a surprise) only to find a nicely set up table for us bloggers and almost everyone was there already. I’ve greeted everyone and sat down for a little catch up since we haven’t seen each other in a very long time. Tea, yummy desserts and healthy sandwiches were beautifully served to us, while we took photos and chatted.

After the lovely, tea break we were directed to the boutique’s entrance, and there we were standing inside a luxurious looking boutique, with racks filled with fascinating shoes. We were all invited to try on the shoes we’ve desired and with the help of Shopia, Ashwathy and the shop keepers we gradually went crazy trying on everything on from stilettos to wedges to flats; it was a fun shoe fiesta!

Also, during our time therewe were introduced to the brand “The Glow Brand” a brand that made high fashion stilettos from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is particularly elastic, super glossy and highly comfortable plus the additional property of glowing under black light (UV-A). Awesome right?!

Boxes of The Glow Brand shoes. 

These espadrilles from Schutz are perfect for summer. 

Georgina from Blonde in Bahrain trying on a pair of The Glow Brand hot pinks

Shoug from It’s So Shoosh – Georgina from Blonde in Bahrain –
Sara from The Modest Belle –  Ashwathy from The Style Council Taash

The gals taking a social media break
(Left, Georgina from Blonde in Bahrain – Right, Reem from Partner in Fashion.)

 Went crazy over this pair of Schutz sandals which would look great in my summer closet and couldn’t choose between both pairs.

I have a tiny obsession over pop art & shoes and this painting sums it up.

At the end of each event we gotta gather up for a group photo, this time Reem brought her polaroid camera. Cool!

I recommend you check out the shoes for your self, they’re much better looking in real life.
Tilly’s Closet is located in the Jawad Dome in Barbar. Open everyday from 10 AM to 10PM I recommend you guys pay them a visit!

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