iDiscover 2014

Hello everyone, I  hope that you all are doing very well, and I apologize for being MIA lately.
My life has taken a new turn lately and I’ve been really busy with my new job that requires me to travel ALL.THE.TIME eek!! (I owe you all a post talking about this exciting job)

You might have seen me post stuff with this hashtag #iDiscover2014. and if you’re following me on instagram and twitter you might have seen this post.

iDiscover is a cultural enrichment initiative by Saudi Aramco, and I have volunteered to travel with the team from one city to another teaching middle school children & their teachers about math and science in a fun & a creative way. Yes! math and science could be fun.

iDiscover also has cultural enrichment courses that include social media, photography and entrepreneurship. 
I teach a social media class which is super interesting & fun, it’s really rewarding to see the students blooming and changing their views on social networking websites and the way they may use these tools to support and explore themselves.
If you would like to know more about my journey as teacher please go ahead and follow my art account on Instagram @muneera_designs

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