Designer on the spot – Fatima Seyadi

If you’re following us on Instagram you’d probably know that we  recently have collaborated with Bahraini fashion brand Vestigo as part of our new segment “Designer on the Spot” where we collaborate with designers to style their work and interview them.

Personally, my favorite thing about Vestigo‘s FW2014 collection is that you can easily transfer all of the pieces from day to night, you can dress them up or down and the colors  of the collection were perfectly matched together. 

Aaaand drum Roll Please,, the time is finally here for us to introduce you to the designer behind it and the marvelous wearable artwork..

A beautiful sweater-like top detailed with tiny deer imprints..

A beautiful deer detailed dress..

A peplum bronze jacket.. I love how curved the peplum cut is, beautiful.

I almost died for this silver peplum full skirt dress.. 

This dress is perfection, with the color scheme & the lines

This piece is the crown jewel of this collection, it’s made out of three pieces, a coat, scarf & a belt, perfectly paired with a simple black dress or a pair of pencil  pants and a shirt..

1. Who is Fatima Seyadi? And when did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

 Fatima Seyadi ( Founder of Vestigo 2009 ) A young Bahraini Woman, born in June 4th, 1986.  

The oldest in birth order  in her family followed by two sisters and one brother.

I have studied at AMA International University, majored in business informatics with BA degree.

Immediately after my graduation I have recruited to base an aside business in fashion.

I have a huge passion for fashion. Since I was a child I always loved to dress differently and never match

with my sisters. my favourite toys were make up and accessories. With years it grew in me day
by day, till I have decided to create a unique collection that can reflect my own  personal touch of what
I see in fashion.

2.Vestigo ready to wear, what does vestigo  mean?

why did you choose it for your brand’s name?
Vestigo is a reference word for the word ‘vestido’ which is an old Portuguese word, from Latin Vestitus, meaning ( dressed; clothing).
 It is used for phases of garment, piece of clothing. reffered collectively to the garments worn by a person. Where as vestigo

I have chosen vestigo as  my brand name based on two main things.

Firstly, the definition of the word  (dressed and clothing), gives a free selection of collections for ready to wear, and secondly
because my brand is based on a mixture of  classic taste , where people all around the world can be introduced to it.
Vestigo is a Portuguese word, but can be translated in all languages. Just like my collection, it could be made in Bahrain
but inspired by other  worldwide designers  abroad .

3. How would you descibe your brand’s style?

Ready to wear, semi formal.

4.What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

A successful fashion designer must be always updated with fashion. I personally always search about
designers whom are counted as a big inspiration to me, such as Lanvin.

In addition, studying what materials to use in every clothing is the most  important piece of the whole designing process.

5.What are your favourite part about conceptualizing a design?
Every single step I go through in my design process , is counted as a favourite part.
every successful step leads to a  better result. My favourite part is when I focus on my strongest base in a design’s plan,  which is finding the perfect material
that would match all my plan study for a design. I have a check list to go through in every design phase which are listed as followed.

1. season ( what is in season from colors, materials)

2. outfit ( design cuts, long or short)
3. targeted age ( Who am I targeting in my collection)

6. What are some of your favourite colors to work with and why?

I actually like to try all colors to cover all tastes, but I usually go for beige and off-white tones more because
it is classic for all seasons.

7. Where do you get your inspiration?

Everything can be an insperation to me. Social life, social media, magazines, books,etc.

8. What are your favourite fashion websites, magazines, or books?

I love to read everything which is worth reading, Lanvin is one of my favourite
brands. I am always updated with their  recent releases through their websites, magazine sections and books.

9. Where can our readers find and buy your work?

My work is displayed on instagram @vestigo_rtw , you will find my email and number attached to my instagram page.
Currently my collection is displayed at estilo boutique located at seef mall.
my future plans, is to expand my collection around GCC.

So you’ve read the interview and seen the collection.. Let’s check the styled pieces..

This Photo-shoot was styled and directed by me and all photographs were taken by talented Saudi photographer Khalid AlKhashrami.

Arabbella blog would like to thank Karen Millen -Bahrain for the wonderful collaboration on this shoot. 

All pieces featured and mentioned in this post are available at Karen Millen -Bahrain.

Thanks for stopping by & checking our post. Stay beautiful,
Muneera xx

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