Color Guard

It doesn’t matter if your hair color came from your family tree or the salon. The keys to keep it vibrant and luminous are simple. Here’s how to preserve and punch up  all pigments, inherited or otherwise.

Brown or Black
 Sun exposure and enviromental pollutants, like smoke, can make hair brassy or faded, which manifests in dull and dry.
When dark hair is dry and rough, it’s more likely than other colors to lack shine.
“Think of it like the sea at night: when it’s smooth, the moonlight vounces off of it. When there’s any break in that surface, it’s not as reflective,” says Eva Scrivo, lead colorist for L’oréal Professional.

To boost shine, you’ll definitely benefit from a boar-bristle brush weather you dye your hair or not, try out the Boar Paddle Brush by Macadamia Natural Oil to distribute scalp oils from roots to ends, and the Boar/Nylon Tunnle Vent to blowdrying your hair for the extra kick of smoothness and shine.

A light weight hair oil is a must to restore instant moisture to your hair without weighing it down try BC Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment  from Schwarzkopf.
You can never go wrong without a leave in conditioner (or a hat) in the sun to protect your hair color from fading, drying, try out BC Oil Miracle Liquid Oil Conditioner, also by Schwarzkopf.

If you dye your hair stick with shampoos and conditioners that are designed for color-treated hair, which are gentle and less apt to strip pigment than traditional formulas are – you may want to check with your hair stylist for recomendations-but I personally use BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free ShampooBC Color Freeze Conditioner, both by Schwarzkopf.

Once a week, use a hydrating mask (such as the Deep Repair Masque from Macadamia Natural Oil) to prevent hair from becoming lackluster.

Also, ask for a clear glaze every other time you color your hair or even get your roots re-colored. or apply a one twice a month at home (Try John Frida Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss)

The Very thingthatmakes blond hair, real or highlighted, appear blond is what makes it vulnerable: lack or pigment. Color molecules arew like extra building blocks in the hair sturcture. Without them hair is finer and more apt to break and can easly be read as washed out. Then there are the “chemical” enemies such as, chlorine and metal on  the water supply can turn fragile blond hair orange or even green.

Look for shampoos that contain lipids, proteins, or ceramides (the building blocks of hair) to keep your blond hair strong and shiny.  Daddy-O shampoo and  Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angle.Wash are two worthy cleansers, as for conditioners look for something that are labeled with the words repair or reconstruct – a clue that they contain hair fortifying ingredients-.
If you relay on blow-dryers and curling irons for volume, a heat protective spray is essential. It’ll help prevent frayed ends and frizz, which make hair look dull. use a wide tooth detangling comb must be used prior the usage of air or blow-drying (try The Body Shop’s Detangling Comb)
If you have hard water – that is high in minerals that discolor hair- we recommend you use a shower head with a water filter and also you can look for shampoos that are labled as “chelating” which is a fancy way of saying “mineral stripping” a clarifying formula like Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo helps remove mineral deposits and products residue to make your blond hair brighter.


File this shade under “high maintenance”. Red shades, natural or dyed, have the largest size color pigments. So when the cuticle of the hair experiences any kind of damage, the pigments leak out, making the color fade faster than any other.


Take lukewarm, not steaming showers – key for any hair color but specially red. Cause hot water is the main reason for the cuticle to open and release color molecules. Even better, end your shower with a cool rinse.
A Professional colorist recommends shampooing once only twice a week and on other days rinse with water and use a lightweight conditioner one option (Wen cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean).
Also using an intensive conditioning hair treatment every other wash will help lock down those color molecules, look for moisturizers like shea butter & jojoba oil (found in  Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Conitioner).
If you color your hair red and it’s loosing it’s sizzle, head to your hair colorist for a demipermanent  crimson glaze between colorings which will revive up your color for four or five extra weeks.

Hope these tips and products recommended work out for you as much as they did with us. We know most of the products above are hard to get but it’s possible, some you might find at Nazih others might be provided by your hair salon and you can’t ever go wrong with online-shopping and if all fails, there are always good alternatives.
Please let us know if you have any color- protecting tip or a go to product to share with our readers, we’d love to hear from you.

Tank you guys for tuning in,, Stay beautiful!
Muneera xx

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