Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer

This morning while surfing the internet I’ve stumbled upon a video on my cousin’s Facebook wall, watched and thought I should share it with all of you guys. Typically me, I needed to know more about the video, who made it and why? before sharing, and been reading all about it over breakfast and through out lunch “I admit I get too attached sometimes”..

Anyway, the video was created for a campaign called  “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer.” which is an amazing campaign that is organized by Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organization for the disabled and those who support them. 
The campaign intended to remind us that people with disabilities are people just like the rest of us, only with an extra challenge to overcome! 

Five volunteers with various disabilities were featured in the campaign, and mannequins have been created to reflect their bodies and have been placed, in a Zurich store display window between the “perfect” mannequins. It was overwhelming to watch the volunteer’s reactions to the mannequins that have been designed to look like them. And also very interesting to see how others reacted to see these out of the ordinary figures in the display window.

I hope that in the near future we will begin to see many more displays featuring all kinds of people. It is about time for magazines, television ads, and models to represent people of all shapes, sizes, color and abilities. Our world is made up of so much diversity, it is about time to reflect that in everything around us.

With this been said I leave you all with the campaign’s video.. 

On this day forward I pledge to look for ways to embrace the differences and get closer today. Who is with me?
Would love to hear your thoughts about this campaign, and know your reaction towards this video. Let us know by commenting below.
Stay beautiful,

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