Ramadan is here! – Live to Give

Alhamdulillah, Ramadan has finally arrived and praise to Allah as we are still given the chance to celebrate the blessed month of victory. The next 29 or 30 days are very precious and we all need to try our best to make the most of this blessed month. Apart from Qura’an reciting, Taraweh prayers and getting rid of bad habits, we need to serve others as by this, we will get far whether the act may be big or small.

For that, we would like to invite you to AlReem Charity Ramdan event.
As this event is held annually to help and serve families in need. AlReem Charity was founded by two extraordinary ladies Reem Nooruddin and Maryam Al Sadah back in 2010 as way to give back to the community during the holy month. please check this video below and learn more about this successful initiative. 

“Ramadan is the time for less words and more deeds”

Directions to the venue; Fatima Kanoo Hall

Wishing you all a very blessed and successful Ramadan.
Thank you for tuning in.
Muneera xx

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