6 Blocks – A new boutique in the Block!

Open to the public this month is 6 Block – Khobar’s newest and brightest addition to it’s portfolio of stores. Arabbella Takes an in depth look at 6 Blocks’ presentation as well as what went down at the launch night.

“The word BLOCKS stuck with me cause it went perfectly along with the interior which is SOHO NYC type of design, very urban and very modern. I chose the number 6 cause the earth was created in 6 days and it’s been said it’s a lucky number” – Said Najla Albinali, Store owner and executive buyer when I asked to tell me more about that interesting name. After knowing this little insider scoop I was really eager to get to the opening and was impatiently waiting for June 2nd. 
On the opening night Orayb and I got down to the store and got to meet Ms. Najla and her sweet family, had a little fun whith Ms. Diala Chahine’s camera. We checked out the merchandise that was beautifully displayed on wooden racks and modern looking hangers.. Shoppers were helped by a shop clerk and everyone was encouraged to try clothes on. all of that while being offered sweet treats and cool beverages.
photos: courtesy of Diala Chahine
The shop’s interior definitely had an urban feel to it, as matter of fact it provoked the artist in me and inspired me to make a painting!
The shop is so hip that it makes you want to pull and wear everything and take over the streets of NY as if they were a catwalk. The store showcases various hip and edgy clothing & accessories offered by the best ready to wear brands from the globe. 
Bottom line if you’re into upbeat clothing this place will defiantly make your heart skip a beat. Go check out their stuff!  

Thanks for tuning in, Stay Beautiful!

Muneera xx 

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