The Body Shop New Concept Store & 4 Products Review

Couple of weeks ago Arabbella was asked to have a product review from The Body Shop and don’t we all love testing and recommending products? ..well we do, AlAnoud and I have agreed to this fun request and got down to Bahrain City Centre to get already picked out products.

Upon my arrival I was warmly greeted by the staff and introduced to the Area Manager Ms. Patricia Powell, She showed me around the shop and talked to me about all the new lines of skin care & beauty products. And most importantly we spoke about the The Body Shop’s recent “Pulse concept store”.

The new store design, which appearing began globally in May 2013, features expanded ranges of skin-care, cosmetics and body products as well as environmentally friendly lighting and wood. The Body Shop’s main focus in this renuvation was to re-establish itself as the first choice for natural, ethical beauty products and to encourages the customers to play and explore their products.

I loved how all the products were beautifully displayed just like a beauty boutique!

So, here’s the inside look of the store,,

At the end of my visit I was presented my goodie bag and got the chance to buy my favorite product of all times their popular detangling comb.  yay!

The Detangling Comb: as I have lost mine several weeks prior my visit I had to detangle my hair using a brush,, and we all know how this is bad for one’s hair, so I had to put an end to my hair’s agony and got my self a brand new one.
Long story short, if you don’t have once of these you better get one ASAP your hair will thank you for it.

Moving along to the products we needed to Review..

If you’re ever looking for an instant skin pick-me-up than you have landed on the right page. This primer is loaded with antioxidant vitamin C which enhances the look and feel of your skin specially after a long day at work or a sleepless night. It has a nice citrusy smell to it and this what I love about this product as I am sensitive to strong smells.
This primer works perfectly for an everyday makeup look as it a good base as it will keep your skin fresh looking all day.

This BB cream comes in 3 shades 01 Lighter Skin Tones, 02 Medium Skin Tones & 03 Darker Skin Tones.
I was given no.1 in the goodie bag but I originally use no. 2. I’ve been using The Body Shop’s BB cream for my daily makeup for sometime now and it’s my ultimate favorite. I love how it matches my skin tone perfectly, a lomost like magic, as it comes out of the tube white but gradually transforms into my skin tone. it’s coverage is light, something perfect for a “no makeup makeup look” but if you prefer something heavier than this is not for you.

3. Brow & Liner Kit: 
This compact also comes in 3 shades 01 Blonde/Auburn,  02 Brown/Brunette & 03 Dark Brown/Black.
I could never find the right shade for my eyebrows with gel and pencil liners but this kit is heavenly sent! Thank you The Body Shop – Bahrain!
What I love about this product is that the black is not true black it’s more of really dark brown which blends in very well with my natural eyebrows without making them look fake. I only like to fill in my brows and it’s shade helps me control how much product do i need on.
Will defiantly keep this on my purchase list next time I go makeup shopping.

The packaging remind me of Tokyo city in March, when all the cherry blossoms start to bloom and the whole city is covered in pink. This fragrance smells pink too! as it has a fruity-floral sweet scent to it which is great if you’re into that kind of scent.
It’s light romantic aroma is perfect for spring and summer. I did not work for me as I am not into fruity scents but if you’re looking for something light to wear for work or school than check it out and you could also mix and match it with another scent form the collection to create your own signature fragrance. and this is another thing I personally adore in The Body Shop you can always find something to personalize.

Thank you guys for passing by, please do not hesitate to comment below and tell us what you think of these products ,we always love hearing from you.
All of the products mentioned above are available at THE BODY SHOP – Bahrain.

Stay beautiful xx


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