Marc by Marc Jacobs goes all 80’s

As part of the SS13 collection launching events in the gulf Bahrain had a dashing party on Thursday April 25th which took place at M by MJ’s retail store located in Bahrain City Centre and thanks to my blogger buddy and friend Ali Albana for inviting me, I had the absolute pleasure to attend it.

The marketing team did a great job putting it all together and believe me it was far from being “cheesy” as to Nada from Pretty little posts feared it would appear. The event and all it’s activities grabbed everyone’s attention including passers-by who decided to come in and join in the fun.

As it is always joyful to meet new people, it was also a great chance to meet a lot of our favorite bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, marketing executives and fortunately for me relatives who happen to be there to shop! Hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them.

Thanks for tuning in xx

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