#SemicolonProject416 – Arabbella’s supports a youthful cause.

This morning April 16th we all woke up to the terrible news about the horrific bombing that took place in Boston. I and my fellow bloggers and followers have joined in to pray for the people who have been injured, died and to the ones who have lots their loved ones in this tragic event.

While reading the news on my phone & getting ready to leave home. I came across a photograph of my niece’s wrist with a Semicolon drawn on it with the hash tag #semicolonproject416. I clicked on the tag and found thousands of posts within it and one that had explained what’s it all about.
In support of this cause I have decided to make this post & design this picture.

This post is dedicated to my niece and every beautiful girl who suffers from anxiety, depression or a broken heart. You are beautiful, you matter & you make us proud!

Lot’s of love.
Muneera xx

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