DIY: Sun Burst Necklace

Anyone knows me personally probably knows how much I love statement jewelry pieces in my outfits and how much I am a sucker for ombre anything..
So I decided to make combination of both things in one necklace plus 2 other current major must have trends “Galaxy and Spikes” ..Impossible you think?
well read on and allow me to prove you wrong!
 Here are the things you’ll need for this tutorial..
1. Glitter Nail Polish; Inspired by the golden rays of the sun, I chose golden glitter nail polish. (Illamasqua’s nail varnish in Spatran )
2. Golden Nail Polish; I chose MAC‘s Mistletoe which was part of MAC’s holiday 2012 collection.
3. A make up sponge; you basically can get them at any beauty supply store.
4. Got this silver spikes necklace from H&M
And without any further ado let’s introduce them steps..
1. Dab a generous amount of your golden nail polish on your make up sponge. 
 2. Dab the painted sponge on the necklace. 
4. Go on and repeat steps 1 & 2 on all spikes.
5. Build up the nail polish color until you get an opaque finish (allow to dry between coats.)
6. Next, dab on your glitter nail polish.
7. Let your necklace air dry for 30 mins before wearing it.
And here is my result!
I styled my new sun burst necklace with a denim shirt, some silver rings and colorful arm candy. How would you style yours?
Go ahead bellas, go on and try this and show me what you come up with.
Muneera xx

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