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Hey everyone! thanks for tuning in and joining us in this fun little post.

The ever so fabulous Ar- Stylish  tagged us in the tag “Tag you’re it”

We absolutely love the concept of it and really appreciate the opportunity that it gives us to get to know one another more.
Please read along and we hope you guys enjoy it as much we did answering these questions!

1- Makeup or Fashion ?

Muneera: ..both? I’ll Pick both!
Alanoud: Makeup and fashion complete each other and I cannot live with one without the other. 

2- You feel down without ?

Muneera: Work!
Alanoud: My shoes.

3- Coffee or tea ?   

Muneera: Tea.
Alanoud: Coffee.

4- What is your favorite TV series ?

Muneera: Glee!
Alanoud: I rather read..

5- you can’t get enough of ……

Muneera: Friends.
Alanoud: Hugs.

6- In 2013 I hope I will…….

Muneera: Own my own business.
Alanoud: A professional Makeup artist.

 7- An actress you love her style ?

Muneera: Sarah Jessica Parker
Alanoud: Sarah Jessica Parker

8- funny fact about you ? 

Muneera: I never learnt how to ride a bicycle.
Alanoud: I pick out a pair of shoes before choosing my clothes.

9-  A trend you hope it will never go out of style?

Muneera: Color block and ombre.
Alanoud: Nail Foils.

10-  A trend you hope it ends in 2013?

Muneera: Snake jewelry. 
Alanoud: Pointed finger nails. 

11- Do you prefer your hair to be short or long?

Muneera: Long.
Alanoud: Long.

And now here are our 11 questions..

1. If you won 1 million $ what would you do?

2. Day or night?

3. Name 3 things that make you truly happy.

4. It’s your last day alive, what are you doing?

5. What’s the first thought you think of when you wake up in the morning?

6. What’s your favorite color combonation?

7. Was fashion / beauty your thing since you were a child?

8. Name your most favorite feature?

9. Do you know your undertone color?

10. What do you always have on/ wear?

11. Where were you 2 hours ago? 

And here’s a list of bloggers we tag

And bloggers, here are the 3 rules of this tag:
– Answer all questions
– Set 11 questions for the people you tag
– always mention the blogger who tagged you.

Good luck and have fun!

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