Remove your nail polish with one cotton pad.

We all enjoy wearing nail polish until it’s time to remove it then it is war!
Nail polish removers are usually harsh on the skin around our nail and they leave our hands extremely dry..
While I was on pinterest couple of days ago “Pinning & Repining” I came across a post that says something about removing nail polish with one cotton ball! awesome right?

Well I decided to try and see how effective that method is and let you guys into it. So Take a look at the photos below.. and read on.

1. Get a cotton ball “in my case I used a cotton pad”.

2. Split the cotton pad in half, now you’ll have 2 slices of the pad. Now tear them to tiny little pieces that are nail size. you’ll get 12 – 15 pieces out of one slice you’ll use 10 of them for your nails and the rest for wiping and cleaning the polish’s left overs.

3. Get your nail polish remover ready and pour some in the bottle’s cap ” I’ve used a water bottle cap here.”

4. Now, take one piece of cotton and dip it in the remover, make sure you get it on the edge only as the liquid will travel up the cotton piece.

5. Press the cotton piece on your nail gently and make sure that it is completely wet and that it covers the entire nail, do the same to the rest of your nails.
(Do one hand at a time because you’ll need the other one to wipe the cotton pieces off.)

6. Leave the pieces for 1 – 2 minutes more or less, then get a new piece of cotton and wipe off the wet cotton piece from your nail, do it in one direction (from the nail bed to the tip, as this wont damage your nail.) you can see in (figure #6) that I was left with 0 color, but if you do, grab a new piece and wipe off the remain.

This method is similar to soaking your nails in remover but it’s less harsh on your skin as it wont absorb the liquid wish will leave it dry (not so nice.)

Oh and I’ve timed my self and found that I’ve completed the whole process in about 5 minutes including prep & soaking time.
Now that it only takes 5 minutes to remove my nailpolish maybe I woudl change my color more often!

If you try this at home, let us me know how it worked for you.

Thanks for checking in bellas

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