MAKEUP FOR EVER Extreme Cleanser

My skin is not a huge fan of change and it is rarely when I switch to different skin care products as I am usually left heart broken and and “skin broken”
Couple of months ago I went to a MAKE UP FOR EVER booth at the mall and were trying some of their HD cream blushers and when it was time to decide what I’m finally buying my hand was full of swatches, I asked the lady for a makeup remover she got a cotton ball & gave it 2 pumps of a mystical golden liquid, I used it and all the makeup disappeared in 1 swoop! And the oil dried in a fraction of a second.
It was really impressive, and decided to buy a bottle of this amazing product..
Got home and didn’t really know what to do with that purchase that seemed to me like a stupid decision.. But I told my self I’ll just use it till the end of the bottle and endure the pain!
Few days later I actually opened the box and decided to take this baby a spin and I just LOVED IT!!
And since that day I haven’t been using anything else but the EXTREME CLEANSER.
It leaves my skin extremely clean, moisturized & most importantly it haven’t broken out my skin.
Another thing I love about this oil is it’s Ingredients and I’ve listed them as follows:
Apricot kernel oil, vitamin E
Sweet almond extract
Vitamins B, C, PP and peach extracts

The product is Clinically-tested hydration levels: +35% after 1 hour and the formula is Alcohol and mineral oil-free.

What more a girl could dream of?
If you have tried this product please let us know how it worked out for you.

Thanks for reading bellas!

Stay beautiful xx

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