Detox Diet

Every day, our bodies battle with environmental pollutants and toxins.  Minerals in tap water can dull hair, pollutants can dry out skin, and carbon monoxide and ozone can damage our complexion’s protective barrier and lead to aging, redness, and irritation, It would be enough to  crawl inside a BPA-free plastic bubble but this an absolute social suicide. Fortunately, experts say a few small changes to our diet and routine can give our hair and skin a detoxifying beauty boost.

There are couple of rules to a detox diet though, read along to get the best of you detox:

1. Keep Your Vegetables Raw If you need to cook your vegetables, steam them for 3 to 5 minutes, as this keeps many of the nutrients in the food. 
2. Avoid Processed Foods as they contain preservatives & additives that can do harm to your body and mind, especially over a lifetime of consumption. avoid the refined sugar & caffeine

3. Stay Hydrated, make sure that you consume enough water every day, as dehydration causes many problems for those on a detox diet.

4. Relax While You Eat, chew all of your food thoroughly and take as much time as you need to eat. Also make sure that you find a comfortable spot to enjoy your meal and relax both before & after you eat.

List Of Allowed Foods On your diet:

Organic Raw Fruits & Veggies except for grapefruit, which will not allowed your liver to detox in the process.
Whole Grains, wild or brown rice, wheat, rice cakes and rice crackers and rye crackers. Avoid any grains that have additives such as sugar, salt, dairy or preservatives.
  Pure, filtered water. ( Try adding pure cranberry juice to your water to detox the liver)
  Naturally decaffeinated herbal teas & green teas are allowed as well as fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.
  Coffee, tea, soda and bottled juices are a major no-no.
Snacks, you’re only allowed to have non processed nuts -unsweetened & unsalted-, 1 Fruit, 1 vegetables, 1 piece of unsweetened dark chocolate a day. 

The Plan:

Day 1:      Breakfast

2 Apricots 3 Peaches 2 Strawberries.


3 Apricots 1 Peach


1cup Spinach stew, 3 Rye Crackers
-Not very appealing to the eye but it tastes good ;)- 

Day 2: Breakfast

Skimmed Yogurt, Oats & Raspberries


Green peas, 3 Rye Crackers


Brown Rice & Lentil Soup

Day 3 : Breakfast

Berries Smoothie
1cup Ice, Mixed berries,1 Banana (optional)


Baked Salmon, Vegetables, Brown Rice platter


 Broccoli Salad
     1 tomato, Rocca, Lettuce, Broccoli, Pin Nuts
 [lemon juice, olive oil dressing] 
-Lunch was filling so I had 2 Fruits for dinner instead-

Day 4: Breakfast

Skimmed Yogurt, Sweet melon, Raspberries


Avocado Couscous Salad
1 avocado, 1cup Couscous, Chickpeas, 1 Zucchini, 1 Red bell peper 1t Olive oil. Mint, parsley & Pine nuts [toasted]


Zucchini soup

Day 5:           Breakfast

Fruit Smoothie & Oats
4 Strawberries, 2 Kiwis,  1½  Pears, 1T oats


2 Pears


Veggie Brown Rice Casserole.

And the results were actually surprising, by day 5 I felt lighter, my memory and focus to get tasks done has improved plus my skin was glowing. & to my surprise I lost 4 KGs in as short as 5 days. -Very Sweet-

Stay beautiful Bellas!

Muneera xx 

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